Thursday, August 1, 2013

An elf door.

Yeah, I know. It is, admittedly, kind of corny. Nevertheless, my three little ones are totally over the moon for it.

Now, look closely.
 Yep, there´s a door.

Basically, I got a door for a dollhouse, which you can find on amazon. We had the frame still lying around here.
 I took my hot glue gun and glued it next to Ronjas bed, with a little note, and then just said nothing and waited for the screams.
And man, they are loving it.
They don´t actually believe there are real elves in our house - at nine, six and six years, even my youngest kids don´t fall for that - we´re not religious people, and we never believed in Santa Claus or any other guys over here. That doesn´t mean we can´t treasure a good fairy tale. And that´s what this is. A tiny streak of fairy tale in Ronnie´s sunlit bedroom.

Have some fairy tale music to go with it:

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