Tuesday, July 30, 2013

T-Shirt modification.

 There´re interesting ideas on the internet I´ve always wanted to try. 
Like taking an oversized, plain white T-Shirt and giving scissors to my kids. 
Who then cut off the sleeves, and the neckline, and make fringes and and interesting back. 

 And then dig in the garden. Whatever they´re digging. 

Or wear it, passionately, to jump into the creek. Oh, how I love summer!


I think this was made for me. I mean, I love He Is We. They were one of the first bands I discovered five years ago, when I started discovering music again. Also, without the stupid autotune effects, i think Owl City writes really joyful songs. And, finally, this song was written for the soundtrack of The Mortal Instruments, which I´ve been bathing in for three years now. So, yeah. They made it for me. Either that, or I´m really mainstream. Which I wouldn´t mind in this case.

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