Monday, August 5, 2013

Short vacation.

So we took the train...
 ...and went to see Tim´s parents for the weekend. That´s all. Yet, it was so sunny and full it felt like a complete vacation. Tim´s Dad set up the huge tent and the kids took turn spending the night in there. 

We rode small pedal boats on the local lake...

...and Ronnie got her first poledancing lesson on the street fair: 
We had barbecues and rode our bikes and played the ukulele outside in the sun, and showed Elisa the whole town, since it´s a nice town and it´s her last week in Germany, so she´s got to see something, right? 
Tim´s parents´neighbours are too old to harvest their appletree - it was a pleasure to us :)

And psssst...when it was pitchdark and all kids and grandparents were asleep, Tim and I snuck out and jumped into the old canal for some nightswimming like we did when we were kids :)

Have some chilled, layed back summer music! They remind me a little of Mr. A-Z, and that is certainly high praise coming from me ;)

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