Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh Sunshine.

This was just a very sunny weekend.
Warm and shiny and cozy. We read, lots. We ate well, and spent lots of time outside, and cuddled and rode our bikes. Just an ordinary weekend. And I feel like we all smell like sun and meadow now, and oh, it should always, always be summer. We should move somewhere where the weather is always like this. 

There was our local fabric fair again today - just many fabric vendors gathering on our market square, selling for cheap.
This is what I got:
In the bags, there´s some knitted fabric - I intend to make quick baby hats from it, for all the little ones that recently have been born in our surrounding.
Ronja picked the owl fabric, and the yellow, flowery one. Eva chose the orange one - she wants to make a heating pillow from it, and she thought it looked warm. Miro picked the blue polka dots because he like them best. I don´t know what to make from it yet, though. It looks like a great fabric for a rock-a-billy dress, but I can´t make that for Miro, I suppose. Mehmet was not interested in fabric.
Mehmet and I follow The Dark Lord. But don´t tell anybody.
We painted jars with the leftover chalkboard paint from Eva´s room. I needed a solution to keep the light out, so I can store my herbs in them - originally, I had intended to wrap them in sisal, but Ronja and her brothers decided to wrap our whole garden in sisal, so I had to improvise. I bet they will look great, with the name of the spice written on them - when they stop smelling like paint.
Meanwhile Ronja´s allready preparing our dried oregano - we have more oregano this year than any person could eat in a lifetime. If we could store it arome-tight, we´d never have to buy any again. Ever.

Miro is working on his novel:
I told him that if he delivers at least ten pages like this to me, I´ll get it printed for him, just like my own books, and that really gets him working :)

When he´s not preparing dinner.
 So, yes, it´s sweet and sunny over here, while Tim is on the other side of the world in China.

Music for the night is Regina, wrapping me up like a cozy blanket:

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