Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I stumbled upon a really cool site yesterday I just quickly wanted to share with you:
You know all those quotes floating around on pinterest, right? Those words of wisdom that always look so nicely designed? This is where they come from.
You just type in your favourite quote, and then you get to select a layout, and voila:

That´s my favourite quote. It´s by Sarah Williams, but I found it through Cassie Clare´s Clockwork Princess. I loved it so much I had a custom leather bracelet made with it engraved, so I´m wearing it constantly now. Also, Ronja loves it equally and knows it by heart, and she likes to quote it at any given time with her tiny voice and very german accent.

So you think the design doesn´t match the quote? I agree. Let´s try something else:
Okay, I like that slightly better. But maybe, that quote is, though gorgeous, too long alltogether to fit on their templates. Let´s try THE QUOTE, the classic of quotes:

Tolkien it is. It floats around on pinterest. And it also is the title of one of Chris Thile´s amazing albums. Also, I put it on the first page of my last book, before realizing how popular it is.
But it is beautiful, indeed, and its popularity maybe just indicates that there are heaps of folks out there who miss someone who went wandering... or who wandered off themselves... or who just like the idea of wandering and getting lost?

I guess you now have an idea what recite is. It´s nice to play with. It has it´s downsides, though. For example, you can´t manually adjust anything, which might lead to something like this:

Cute font, but I´m not sure if "who" is the keyword in this statement.

Anyway, the site is a nice toy if you don´t feel like opening photoshop... or don´t even have it.
At least this is true :)


I think I´m staying with words in this post... sort of.
See, originally, this is a song of a german band, in german. And the german version is like a private hit in our family - me and the three little ones know every word by heart and love to sing along loudly, and I think each one of us has his or her own way to analyze the lyrics. (Eva and Tim like to cover their ears when it comes up...)
Now I found this dutch cover yesterday! And though we can´t speak dutch, we all gathered around the laptop, fascinated about how we understood every.single.word, and could sing along in dutch after the third listen or so. Dutch and German are very similar, and if you´ve been around here for a while, you know how we all love the Netherlands, so this was quite lovely.
So, to finish this post...Al schreef ik duizend liedjes over dit gemis, maar nok zou ik niet weten, waarom toch dit gevoel vor altijd is.
How can you not fall in love with this language?

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