Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make stuff from old records...

...and be awesome:
Cool, huh?

Last Sunday, we had a big fleamarket in our town. Like, several streets big. And I was on the hunt, as I always am at such events - it´s in my genes, can´t change it.
Among many other things (such as books, clothes, books, fabric, books...yeah.), I was hunting for stuff to craft with - like records. I only possess precious old vinyl I can, under no circumstances, destroy. Never, ever would I cut my beloved Beatles records apart, for no craft in the world.

So I had to get vinyl that´s practically worthless.And this is probably the hardest thing about this whole craft project - find a worthless record. Since "worthless" always depends on the point of view, doesn´t it?
I decided to go with some really, really cheesy old german records - mainstream from the 60´s and 70, clumsy lyrics rhyming the obvious rhyme and always using the same basic four chords, and the same dull rhythm. My new boss had them, and gave them to me for free, as many as I wanted. So:
I did what you may never do with good records - I threw them into the oven and made them hot.
It doesn´t take long. 180 °C, something between five and ten minutes. You can almost stand and watch.
And then your record is super soft, and you can cut it with regular household scissors, and bend it all the way you want.

You need to be quick, though, it doesn´t take long to harden again. But that´s not a problem - just throw it in the oven again and continue.

Also, it smelled only very little - I had the windows open, but it wasn´t nearly as bad as I had expected.

I made this, too:
It´s a candy bowl. Nice gift, huh?

A couple of years ago, I made one I filled with mixtapes for a friend - I found it suited the music theme nicely.
So, in this spirit, here´s another pic of my super cool bracelet:

Rock on :)

Other people play the piano, too:

I´ve been following Sam Tsui´s music ever since he came out with that mindblowing Michael Jackson Medley, three our four years ago. Recently, I´ve been quite dissapointed with his turn to upbeat teenage pop, but this one - j´adore! And the dancers are fantastic - they remind me of my very favourite Ryan Woodward video. I bet they were what inspired them :)

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