Sunday, June 9, 2013

Smells like roses.


And tastes like them, too. 
This is rose-flavoured yogurt-lassi.
We made it by mixing yogurt and water half and half, adding some sugar and letting the petals of the roses we picked in our garden soak in it for a while. And it was pretty awesome and needs to be repeated soon.
We´ve got a gigantic rosebush in our garden - three years ago, when we moved here, a woman in a shop gave me a tiny, very dry stem she wanted to throw away. I carried it home in my pocket and planted it in our very new backyard - and now, three years later, it´s  taller than me and has tons of wonderfull smelling petals. So we can harvest :)


Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran -- Everything Has Ch… - MyVideo
Eva´s back from France, and we found this video, and we love it!
I admit it´s slightly corny, but we loved the song allready when it first came out, and come on - baby Ed and baby Taylor? So cute!
Ronja´s back from her classtrip to the pony-farm, too. Our house is, again, ten times more chaotic, and of course I´m finding I have less time for my men again, but I love having my girls back, giggling and throwing their stuff in every corner. Tim is packing his bags for Asia, he´s leaving Tuesday for Shanghai, then Bejing, then Taipeh, and he´ll stay there for a month.
I figured I´ve just maneuvered myself into sort of a logistic catastrophe, because in the middle of his stay in Asia, I´ve got to go to Amsterdam to get our exchange Couchsurfer here - we´re hosting a 13 year old girl from Ecuador, she´ll be staying with us for two months to learn the language, and she´ll be flying to Europe all by herself - so I promised her parents to pick her up at the airport. What I didn´t figure was to check the calender, and I´m really glad that Tim´s mom volunteers as a babysitter for my four kids, while I´m getting our fifth  from Amsterdam... puh!
And now I´m off to bed - I´ve got - love that sentence! - work tomorrow :)

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