Saturday, February 16, 2013

Star Wars Paper People

Miro and I decided to give his room a makeover, and we agreed on giving it a Star Wars theme. I thought about painting one wall black, with the Star Wars logo in the correct font in white, and the rest of the walls blue/white, with wall stickers of the characters.
So I checked on the internet for stickers, preferably life sized, to put there.
I even found some, but they were incredibly expensive. Like, 80 Euros for one figure. Sigh. That´s not going to happen. But:

We have paper! We have scissors!

Those two are Chewi and Han Solo, who are about the size of my six year old sons.

Of course, Yoda and Princess Leia are smaller:

We began with Yoda - you can really see it. He looks quite... sad, and I would make him differently now. More ellaborated. Though, that first night when we made him, Miro immediatly fell in love with him, so apparently he´s good enough :)
Our last one was Han Solo, so far, and you can see he looks a lot more advanced. Basically, I googled pictures of the characters, and then just tried to copy the parts I needed for them on differently colored cardstock with pencil, freehand-trial-error-style.
I then gave the parts to Mehmet and Miro, who happily cut them all.

Yep, all the parts were cut by my six year old sons, and I honestly believe one could get all little boys to do crafts if they just involved Star Wars :) They were really enthusiastic, practically ripped the sketches out of my hands to cut them out and watch the characters evolve on our kitchen floor.

So, we now have wall art for under 10 Euro (and I think Luke, Darth Vader and one Stormtrooper are yet to come, and I do have some golden cardboard for C3PO...), and fine motor training for boys, and it even looks really cool!

So, once more, here they´re all together:

Meanwhile, Eva and Anne, our temporary French daughter, are giggling. A lot. Running through the house, tickling each other. Throwing balloons at each other and giggling more.
And they spent about 5 hours today teaching each other songs on the piano, which they both play:

Oh, and I changed my hair color to red, finally:

Music for the day:

Ben Howard writes songs that wrap me like a fuzzy warm blanket. They never really stick, and I never find me... let´s say... singing them in my kitchen or humming them riding my bike, but I love listening to them late, late at night, after everyone´s asleep, and cuddle with them. One of my friends lately described songs as "cushions she puts into her sound-room", and I answered that for me, songs are more like relationships - with some, I have short, but passionate affairs, with some, I later can´t understand why I´ve been together with them at all, with some I´ve been together for so long I´ve might have lost all the passion, but they still make me smile, and to some, I can always come back.
I´m not sure where the Ben Howard songs belong yet. Maybe my friend was right, and it is more like a room, and then, the Ben Howard songs would be the bed to crawl in.


Anonymous said...

So much to catch on. Love your new hair color! Your real size star Wars characters are great! Yoda is my favorite. Pour la musique je suis dans ma periode Lana del Ray et Snowpatrol. xxx

Jennifer Juniper said...

I think the handmade characters will mean so much more as they look at them on the way to dreamland :)