Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stuff we are doing.

So, after the two last craft posts, I thought it´d be time for an update on all the other stuff - you know, since this is kind of a diary, too, and I always like skimming through my long gone posts from years ago.

We have a new daughter here, for the next two weeks. That´s kind of a big deal. Eva was so excited the last weeks she could barely sleep. I mean, it´s not like we didn´t have Couchsurfers over all the time,  so all of our kids are acustomed to having new temporary family members, but this is different.
Because she´s Eva´s exchange student, so she personally feels responsible for her. And because she´s not a trained Couchsurfer/Globetrotter, but a little girl. Oh, and because she hardly speaks any German. Or, well, English. And Our French is in the beginner stage, so communication goes a bit slow.
Well, they had fun talking about Harry Potter, anyway. And there´s a lot of shy giggling. It´s really cute.

Talking of cute:

Ronnie and I are still sporting blue hair. For the moment. And I think she looks so gorgeous with it. But we do have new hair dye in our bathroom - red, green and another shade of blue, and I wonder whether we´re going for striped next week, or shall just decide on one solid color. And the cool thing about Ronnie is - she looks like this... which, let´s face it, looks kind of weird for a nine year old... and then writes articles about industrial livestock farming for the school paper and wants me to read her Kafka. Ronja rocks, but I think I´ve mentioned that before :)
There´s a candystorm in our livingroom. On that picture, my children are trying to sort it. It´s not even the complete selection, there are still two more bags on my pantry. See, we live in a region where people celebrate Carnival more than anything else. Everbody gets dressed up, and for a whole week, you see binge-drinking teenagers stumbling on the streets, binge-drinking old lady-groups cheering after young men in pink teddy-bear costumes and grown men in shorts skirts and wigs, hairy legs and all. And then they have parades. They have parades as if they lived in Brazil, not in some frozen small town in the middle of Germany. And they dance and play the most terrible music you could imagine - and they throw candy.
And, well, I hate-love it. But I love, it, too, definetly. When kids from my class come and hug me and give me chocolate boxes they kept especially for me, then I love it!

Other than that - Eva, Ronja and I are going to Prague next month. I just booked it, and I´m pretty excited. I´ve never been to Prague, but it´s overdue, really. Eva is playing Smetana´s Moldau on the piano, we read this book about the puppetplaying art student in Prague, and Ronja likes Kafka, oh, and of course, Jace and Clary and Sebastian get a look at the astronomical clock tower, so we´ve got to see that, too. It´s as if Prague snuck up on us, secretly, and without us knowing, Prague popped up everywhere. And really, it´s time us girls get on the road without our men :)
Plus, Tim´s getting around plenty this year, anyway. On Monday, he´s leaving for London, and then he´ll spend most of May in South Korea, so it´s only fair we pack some events in between. Really, I can´t wait for spring to come.
We´ll go by bus, and sleep in a cheap hotel, but it´ll be 5 long days, just us, and the city, and a freshly printed edition of Cassandra Clare´s new book to keep us entertained on the busride. AWESOME!

So... Miro´s on his second pair of glasses, the hedgehog is still growing, I´ve got paint on my hands from trying to copy cool artwork (failure!), I´m still going to the gym three times a week, it snowed again tonight (ugh!) and we spent a lot of time making gigantic Starwars people from cardboard. They look really cool, so I´ll show you.


I love this song, I always have, but I love this rendition more than all the other versions, original included. I could listen to him all day long, and I like her voice, too, allthough Mehmet and Miro constantly complain about how awful she sounds and leave the room when I play that song. Oh well... :)

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