Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meanwhile in Prague...

... fish are eating our feet :)

See? I knew I´d need something extraordinary to catch your attention after neglecting this blog for roughly a month ;)

My girls are sleeping next to me, and I´ve finally found out how to use the hotel´s free wireless. 

Want a closer look at the fishies?
Awesome, right?
We just came past a shop in the middle of this astonishing city where you could get a pedicure from little fish, and let me tell you, we giggled so much :) It tickles, and it feels like a soft massage when they eat - yep! - all the old skin from your feet. And we did this sitting in a shopwindow. Actually, the first picture of this post was taken by a random man passing by, after we communicated with hands throung the window.

But really, in all honesty, Prag is so amazing. It´s so much more than fish pedicure - though that´s something my girls won´t forget as long as they live, that´s for sure!

But what about...
...this gigantic column made of books, in the entrance hall of the, yes, you guessed it, library? And just see how it looks from the inside:

There´s something precious about finally packing our backpacks again, and going. I almost physically needed that.
 Midnight, at the train station, me and my girls and a terrific book, and a train to come to take us on.
I´ve so been yearning for this! It´s like we´ve finally opened spring, despite the freezing weather over here  - when we arrived, there was still snow in the streets.

So... Prag is amazingly friendly. We have a really cool guy called Pavel, who shows us all the amazing special little things we wouldn´t find without him, like the book column above.
When I try to pronounce my three Polish words so they sound like Czech, everyone smiles at me and applauds my willingness to speak their language - and then they easily change the conversation into fluent German, that everyone here, from 8-80, seems to speak. Even the grafitti are in German:
It means: Friendship, that´s like home.

We went to a mirror labyrith and to about ten bookstores and to the place where Kafka lived and where Smetana was born and to a Salvadore Dali museum, we saw live bands and street musicians and guys juggling with torches on the plaza, and we ate lots of cheap and delicious food (thanks to Pavel, who showed us his favourite restaurant, where three people can eat until they´re full for the unbelievably cheap amount of under 10 Euro).

We walked through the old Jewish quarter, and, around midnight, had a peek through the window in the door of the ancient graveyard. We learned a lot about a tangled, often violent and complicated history, and about people falling from windows. We found a petite Tour Eiffel:
...because of course, the people in Prague wanted one, too. Understandable, that.

We found this mindblowing statue by Czerny, showing Wenzel on his horse upside down:

We read Czech fairytales and walked along the Moldovia, and every once in a while we sat down to read Clockwork Princess. And... probably the first thing we did:
We had - had! - to see the astronomical tower at the Old Town Spare, and grab a cup of hot chocolate at the same place where Jace, Clary and Sebastian have their drinks in City of Lost souls. And re-read the chapter there.You know... just because.
We also did look for a little store in an alley where one could find evil demons selling adamas, but we didn´t find any, unfortunately.

We did, however, find a place to travel back in time, about which I will try to post as soon as we get back home.

So, for now, I´m wishing you...

...a happy Easter!

And I am really besotted (can you even say that?) with this song:

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