Thursday, January 3, 2013

The castle.

If you´re around here for any lenght of time, you know we love bright colors, acrylic paint, and castles made out of cardboard.

And look! We made one. Again.

Just to get into the hang of things again, after Christmas.
Raspberry and turquoise and bright red and yellow paint, combined with all the assorted clutter we could find within... let´s say... 20 minutes around our kitchen table.
It sure was fun making it. And brought a little sunshine into this ugly january.


This is a song I can feel with my whole body, like a tide. It´s got every. thing. Incredible harmonies, a complex, thus fascinating melody, Chris Thile on the mandolin, Aoife O´Donovan from Sometymes Why singing, and frickin´ Yo Yo-Ma on the Cello? Come on. This is like... like a fantasy of me come to life.

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