Sunday, January 13, 2013


This is the before pic:

 And this is the after pic:

Yep, Ronnie and I dyied our hair... blue.

And to underline how incredibly emo-teenagerlike it looks, Tim had us posing like...
...this :)

I love it. I keep checking myself in the mirror, though, and Ronja asks in regular intervals whether her hair is still blue, as if the color might vanish magically.
I´ve had this thought in my mind for quite a while... I mean, there are all those amazing pics on pinterest, inspiring me, and then the girls and I read this book, where the heroine colored her hair indigo by wish, and Ronja asked me, well, if it wasn´t possible to just do it. When I was younger, I sported purple, black green and blue hair, and for the one occasion I went to France, when I was 17, I had even dyied my hair Red-White-Blue in honor of my guest country. Of course I had no objections.
But still dying my hair blue at 32... it was quite a jump for me.
And I´m so looking forward to meeting my first graders tomorrow, to see how they´ll react, to tell them about how I made the color magically jump out of a book into my hair, and to see if they fall for it :)

Other than that... we had Couchsurfers over.
School strated again, and I´m back in full swing. 
I started planning Eva´s birthday party and organized her a tattoo guy who´s doing airbrush tattoos on all the little girls. We also made some really cool invitations. I´ll show you.
I´ve read in the library, and we made some cute little polar bears - I´ll show you, too :)
I was really, really busy preparing our town´s book week in April, and we´ve planned AMAZING things - I mean, I´m the one to organize and read the official Fantasy night of our library, and that just makes me giddy with luck. So far we´ve planned reading from The Hobbit and The Mortal Instruments, and oh, we came up with so many cool ideas for workshops around those books!
 I´ll also be reading to adults, for the first time. In an animal shelter. And I´ll be reading in our big, gigantic mall. With a microphone. Oh, I´m really excited for April!
We went iceskating, and i took some nice pics - those might make another post :)
But for now - my kids are waiting for me to finish this post and start assembling La Notre Dame from cardboard with them, for our collection of monuments :)
So, see you later!
And music...

I really like this version. Though, Taylor Swift´s original video was pretty legit, too - actually it´s my fav of her so far.
Now, off to Notre Dame!


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C'est trop COOOOOOOOOOOOL! 32 is SO the right age to color hair in blue or red or purple but pink not sure! I see that u ve been busy! Can i come to the birthday party I would love to have a brush tatoo pleeeeeeease! Bisous