Monday, January 14, 2013

The Neverending Card

So, we did Eva´s birthday invitations, and I said I´d show you, right?
So here they are:

The cool thing about them is that you can open them endlessly, like the name says - if you don´t know this principle, check out this video, it´s really fun:

I said they´re cool!
And I like Dawn´s scrapping videos, because she´s got such a cute raspy voice :) A long, long time ago, I allready shared one of her amazing instructions with you: Click here for the waterfall card tutorial

However, to make the Neverending card, you don´t even need all the complicated measurements, because the principle is super easy - you just need two square pieces of paper, size doesn´t matter this time, and glue and fold them together - there are plenty great photo instructions on the net, like this one.

Oh, and Trish - sure you can come to our party! Bring your girls! :)


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