Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year!

But it was nice. We ate lots, of course, and then walked up a hill to a place from where you could see all the fireworks, as far as Cologne. The whole sky was on fire, and it was really pretty.

The day after, we invited friends and made Pizza...
...and my sons were really thrilled about the awesome company of the really cool, big boys - they seldom have big boys over here - as I was thrilled, again, about how awesome I can talk to their mom.

I have some craft posts in the making (finally, again!), so check in tomorrow, or the day after...
and my music for the day, before I go back into fiction, is...

I am amazed by this man´s music, really. I´m beginning to develop a serious crush on his terrific guitar playing, and the gloomy, dark atmosphere he delivers. I checked if he comes to tour here anytime in the near future, but his only concert in Europe is on the Isle of Wight festival... which has a mindblowing lineup, but I´m afraid we won´t make it that far just for a festival this year :)
See ya tomorrow, sweeties!

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