Monday, December 31, 2012

All the wonders.

So, this is the post in which I try to write down the Best Of´s of this last year - my Best Of´s, all the most beautiful, sparkling moments of the year that now goes by, in no particular order, just for me, to keep them:

- Running at night, through the rain, on a beach in holland, in total darkness, with the waves crashing and the wind making strange patterns in the sand, and I was running so fast, I was faster than my husband.

- Sleeping in a circus tent with Ronja, cuddling her sweet, warm body in a sleeping bag, watching her happy, relaxed face.

- The Tyler Ward concert in March. Staying up until three in the morning dancing and talking to the band members and getting my CD autographed like a total teenager.

- Meeting Cassandra Clare on a boat, and later reading all her books to both my girls, translating them for them and watching how they completely fall for the stories, and, yep, I admit it, I fell too.

- Playing music with Eva, all the time, the piano, the violin, the guitar, and, just lately, the ukulele, and thinking, almost unbelievingly - can this gorgeous, marvelous person really be my daughter?

- Having Couchsurfers over, all of them were awesome, but if I had to name any surfers in particular, I really loved the two dutch guys who gave the midnight concert for me, and our scottish bagpiper, and cooking this fanatastic coconut chicken curry with him, that totally made it into our regular meal plan. And my belgian sister, talking with her until we both were almost crying, that was... stellar.

- Seeing my best friend work with wood. Seing my other best friend being the most funny actress in our kitchen. Finding more, new best friends. Talking to all of them, and marvelling about how love is something gigantic, multi-faced, like a kaleidoscope.

-Chagstone music festival. Seth Lakeman from the first row. And dirty, suntanned children dancing to good music.

- Having this funny, weird and wild friend of me convince me to go working out in the gym, something I´ve never tried and always refused, and loving loving loving it. Being thankful for adding something that is completely extraordinairy for me to my daily life, and becoming unexpectedly dedicated.

- Going for a walk around midnight, in late June, with friends, finding fireflies, bouncing around in the darkness, and our friends were only slightly scared.

- Cuddling on the sofa with Tim, being totally drawn into either "Breaking Bad" or "Game of Thrones" or "Sherlock", and later talking about the characters for weeks, until our kids believe Jesse Pinkman is real and start naming their toy knights Tyrion.

- Painting my kitchen blue. And red. And green. And the walls upstairs pink. And Ronnie´s room lemon. I really loved paint this year.

- Tim and me dancing on that Jason Mraz concert. It was really cool having him there. With me. 

-Walking the coastal path in Cornwall. Fiddle´n Dance in St. Just. Riding a topless greyhound bus, my hair blowing in the wind. Eating pasties and having sand between my toes and getting a sunburn on my lips. The Lafrowda festival, and all the voices, especially those in my head.

-And... standing here:

As mundane as it might look, walking the streets of Penzance again for the first time in fifteen years was probably the most amazing thing I´ve experienced... not only this year. And I´ll come back. One day.

As for music for this post... it´s hard to decide, since I feel like matching to this post, I should be able to find a song that is really, deeply, utterly striking, as to match all those amazong things mentioned above - which is just not possible. It would be too much to expect from ne single song.
Instead I´ll go with this one:

Because a) I really love Ben Howard´s music at the moment, and b) this song conveys and atmosphere that I like for this post.

I wish you all sparkling, shiny celebrations. May you have someone to hug tonight, at midnight, and may you hug someone, too. And for the new year, I wish you to find the beauty that comes along the way, all the time, just when you reach out for it. I know I sound like a stupid calender-saying, but I´m honestly meaning it :)

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