Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ugh, I hate coming up with titles for a post, when all I wanna do is just post a random mix of pictures and things going through my mind.
I mean, this is supposed to be something like a public diary, right? And who thinks up titles for each diary entry?
There you have it.
So Wednesday it is :)
I made some book jewelry again. I gave my weekly library group yesterday, and I thought it was a super cute idea letting the kids make miniatures of their favourite books, or of their parents favourite books as presents. If you wanna know how I made them, well, I wrote a post about it, this spring.
Eva, Ronja and I usually make a round through town, each Christmas, singing at our friends´ doors, and these little books are fantastic to attach to a ribbon that goes around a gift - usually a big book. Or a box with tea :)

I got myself new boots. I lovingly refer to them as my "She-Wolf-Boots", and I suppose I got them because the fur reminded me
a) of that David Guetta video, and
b) of Winterfell.
Since I hardly ever get myself new shoes, and the ones I wore were my Doc Martens from 1998 (which I kept, of course! They´re still awesome, only the sole is a little walked-through...) this is really a big deal for me.

Eva liked them so much I got her the same, for tomorrow - we celebrate St. Nick´s, over here in Germany. We don´t really belive in saints, or bishops, or in the catholic church, but my kids like to get presents and chocolate when it´s dark and gloomy outside, and so do I.
So, tomorrow, all kids put out their boots, and we fill them with gifts and chocolate.

Wanna know what I´d like to get for St. Nick´s?

This guy :)
And don´t even try to give me that background dancer instead - though I admit he made me smile from ear to ear, too :)

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