Monday, December 3, 2012

Giant sheet music and witches.

Cool, huh?
This is the lining fabric for my new purse. We got it at Ikea, a couple of weeks ago, and before I cut it to pieces, Eva tried if it actually makes a melody.
It does, though it´s no melody we´d ever heard before. While we were at it, we began playing Christmas carols - Eva and I sound quite fine together, and Ronnie is... um... very enthusiastic about singing :)
I started cutting fabric yesterday, since my old one is pretty much worn down, and I can´t wait till it´s finished, though I assume it´s gonna take me at least three months - I plan to do a lot of embroidery this time.

Aren´t they super cute?

We had Ronnie´s birthday party on Saturday. Our theme was fairy tales, which is a broad topic that makes it easy to come up with ideas for food, games and decoration. I could have easily filled another afternoon.

We rented a box with costumes for the weekend, so all the kids could dress up...
 The armours, especially in combination with the foam swords, were a big hit.

And, as you can see, we replaced the traditional cake with chocolate fondue. We cut so, so much fruit... and made such a mess... but it was pretty cool.
I had them all imrovise a short play. I gave them half an hour preparation time, and then got to watch two super cute shows.
 Those were the three daughters (originally it should be 12, but, oh well...) from "Die zertanzten Schuhe" - a Grimm fairy tale about girls sneaking out at night, dancing all night long until the soles of their shoes break.
Later, I set up an art station and got everyone paint their favourite fairy tale, while I read "The six servants" from the brothers Grimm - I always like to promote the less known tales, before they get lost.
And, well, jumping around outside is always a good idea.

So... that was my weekend. I´m still going to the gym, doing my chin ups and using the Butterfly and getting the sexiest biceps of our school yard. Sore muscles are a constant companion, and that does feel good. Also, I´m getting far too little sleep, since I placed my writing hours between 12 and 2 in the morning... whatever. Days are too short, and I don´t get how people can feel bored. Ever.

Anyways, here´s my music for the day:

Sounds like winter, right? And, in my ears, sounds pretty much perfect.

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