Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a really nice weekend :)

Our Ronnie turned 9 on Sunday, so we spent Saturday kind of secretive, wrapping presents, baking cakes, oh, and trying to make the house presentable.

Eva and I developed kind of a tradition - every year around Ronnie´s birthday, Taylor Swift seems to publish a new album. This has been the case for 3 years now, and each year, Eva and I lock ourselves in the bedroom, tune the volume up and wrap presents, while analysing the lyrics. And so we did this year, and again, it was so sweet!

Tim helped me with the cake, and that was also awesome - working with him in the kitchen. It took us quite some time to get everything ready, and then, I decided to write another chapter, so it was 2 in the morning when I went to bed - oh, and OF COURSE Ronnie was up around 6.

Ronnie got cool presents. She didn´t get one single large present, but many, many, tiny things - knitting needles, an embroidery hoop, lots and lots of different yarns, Hama beads in all the cool colours, fabric, and, well, of course, books. So she merrily began beading. We had her friends over, and her grandparents, though, the big party is only next Saturday.
So, that was nice.

The other, really cool thing is the Jason Mraz concert Tim and I went to.
Yep, I did take my husband. And it was, unexpected, so, so, so much fun! Usually, Tim and I fight over music. He basically listens to Queen, and some other really, really old music, or the hard stuff - lots of screaming and electrical guitars. But somehow, he sees how incredibly fantastic the music of Jason Mraz is. Of course he does. So, when I heard Mr. A-Z finally came on tour to Germany, I immediatly got us some tickets, and, wow, did we have fun!

I loved everything, the opening act, the flashy light show, the incredibly opulent band featuring almost every instrument there is, the amazingly skillfulled musicians. I loved snogging during Planes, dancing like a maniac during Butterfly, screaming like a teenage kid during The Remedy, singing along to all the lyrics, sweating and cuddling and being happy. I mean, Jason Mraz´s music simply shines with happiness and positive vibes and love, and that was very beautiful.
I even loved riding home in the train, long after midnight, slaphappy and giggly, and half deaf.
And now my legs ache from all the dancing, and my arms ache from the 20 chin ups I did this morning, and I´m shining my way through the day :)
One of my favourites last nights, by the way...
... was "You fuckin´did it" - I searched long and hard to find a properly recorded version of the performance we got yesterday, and voila - here it is:

Now, did your jaw drop to the ground? 
I´m practising now to sing along to this :)
See ya, sweeties!

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