Thursday, November 22, 2012

A warm and cuddly winter it is.

I´m sitting on my sofa. Next to me, there´s Eva, writing a letter - en francais - to her exchange student - an eleven year old girl from a village close to Paris, and Eva´s been hopping with excitement all week long.
In the kitchen, the boys are playing with their play-pretend kitchen, and Ronnie and her friend Amelie, who slowly seems to become a seventh member of this family, read to each other. Ronnie´s wearing the fleece sweater I finished making her this afternoon - I made it slightly clumsy, but she seems to like it anyway.
There are cinnamon buns on the counter for desert, and a casserole for dinner, and we´re just waiting for Tim to come home to start eating.
It´s dark outside, and freezing, and I skipped my son´s football training today, because I don´t feel likesitting in the cold.
I visited my best friend today, and watched her working in her basement - carpenter workshop, sanding boards and being dusty, and I liked that.
All the advent-calenders are ready, but I still need to wrap a bunch of presents for Ronnie´s birthday on sunday. I did a lot of digiscrapping during the last weeks - our kindergarten teacher´s going into retirement, and I made her a huge book, collecting photos from all the people she worked with.
I´m writing on my book, still, but I don´t feel like ever finishing it. I mean, when it´s over, it´s over, right? And of course I could start a new book. I just don´t want this one to end. Ever. Also, I can´t decide on an ending. Don´t want to.
In the evenings, Tim and I watch Breaking Bad on the sofa. I love to call him "Yo man - Mistah. White" now, when I give him a high five.
On Sunday, we´re going to a Jason Mraz concert. Together. Because other than Biffy Clyro, Jason Mraz is the only artis we both can agree on. I´m not sure if it´s a clever idea, taking Tim with me, since I fear I won´t be able to go into my boy-bandish-teenage-girlish scream-mode - and without it, a concert is only half the fun, isn´t it? 
Tomorrow, our kindergarten is closed, so I can´t go to workout. Or, I´ll go, of course, since I never skipped training so far, but I´ll need to go there during the night due to a lack of a babysitter. I like workout, I really do. I like how I feel afterwards. Maybe I´ll take the twins to Cologne, given that we´re all home together, anyways. There´s a tradefair for modelbuilding and Lego, I know they´d love it.
And I´m looking for a good book, since I read all the ones I love, and the new ones can´t compete at the moment. Sigh. Need to write my own one.
Music I´m listening to:

I´ve had this on repeat for two days now, without an interruption. It sounds exactly like sunshine on a November day feels, I think.

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