Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Gift, a gift!

I was trying to clean the kitchen while Miro was playing upstairs and Mehmet was lying on his back on the kitchen floor, pondering about things.
"I wonder how it feels to be a Christmas present. Do you think you could wrap me?"
So I did.
He giggled all the time, about he´s the coolest Christmas present ever, and that it´s warm inside the wrapping paper, and the sounds are louder. Then he made me call Miro - "Miro, there´s a present for you in the kitchen!", so Miro came. Though he immidiatly new it was Mehmet in there, he still liked unwrapping him.

 Oh, and after that, we turned the wrappiung paper inside out and made a Jedi-robe from it: 
May the force be with you.


I particularily love this song´s lyrics. I also like the singer´s voice, and the cello, and the banjo, and the rhythm, and the atmosphere. I only found this band last week, and man, I´ve missed out!

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