Friday, December 7, 2012


You know the saying that Innuit have quite a bunch of words for snow, right?
I don´t know if that´s a fact, or just a poetic figure, but I do know for sure that I have quite a bunch of words to express how much I hate snow. 
I mean, the first snow, everybody loves it, blah, blah.
But for me, snow is a burden.
It is cold. It is wet. It comes in a time when it´s always dark. It makes everything dirty. And, worst of all, it totally blocks our way.  How am I supposed to come from point a to point b like this?
I feel like it´d be best if we could all just cuddle up on the sofa, or, even better, in bed, read some books, do some needlework and eat cookies.
Unfortunately, that´s not an option. There´s school, and kindergarten, and work, and music lessons, and football, and, additional, even Christmas parties. And every way takes us thrice the time. Honestly, we spend an alltogether of 4 hours walking through the snow today, just to run our daily errands.
I´ve got brave sons. They hardly complain, and they don´t mind the walking as long as I keep telling them stories - fairytales, stories about how they were born, stories about the kids in school, stories I´ve once read and edited to make them understandable for 5-year-olds. Recently, I even told them the story of the movie Inception - in a very edited version of course - just to keep them going. Also, we talk a lot about Star Wars.
And then, some people do like snow. At least for the first few days. Just because it´s new. And that´s cute.

But really...

I don´t get why Ingrid sings about "A snowfall kind of Love."
I´d much rather want... a summer kind of love. A beach kind of love. Or, at least, a blanket kind of love.

So.. thank you for listening to me rambling about my first world problems. I´m looking forward for summer to come, so I can hop on my bike again and dangle my feet in a reandom river. 

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