Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Hobbit.

Last night, we went out to the movies.
The reason why we only went now, and not right on the first glimpse super sneak premiere was my reluctance to spend 3 solid hours of my lifetime watching a third of an allready short (and, honestly, in my opinion really boring) Tolkien book.
The Hobbit? That´s a book Mehmet and Miro really enjoy. But Mehmet and Miro are 5 year old boys. And that book isn´t really of epic proportions - making 3 (!) movies out of it seems to me very... greedy.
Also, I find it sad they had to make it into a movie that´s impossible to watch with said 5 year old boys - it contains so many violent action scenes that´s completely impossible. And I found it quite unfair to have to tell them - "Okay boys, I´m going to the movie adaption of your favourite book, but you can´t come." That sucks. 
However, for my husband, Tolkien is a lifetime affair, a real super hero, probably what for me only Stephen King is. In fact, this is what initially brought us together - both of us sitting on a bus, for 20 hours, talking about our love for fantasy literature most of the time. And because I love my husband and can relate to his enthusiasm, I agreed to come.
It helped that we liked Martin Freeman allready in The Office, and even more in Sherlock, and it also helped that one of the dwarfs (Kili) is a really hot guy.
Unfortunately, putting gigantic noses/feet/beards on hot guys kind of makes them not-so-hot-anymore, and at some times, the plot of the movie closely bordered on the line of pathetic, so I had to laugh out at times when it maybe wasn´t intended.
I mean - Thorin Oakenshield didn´t actually always carry a windmachine with him to romantically blow his hair in the wind everytime he turned around to throw his creepy stare, did he?
BUT - the landscape was super pretty. I get why New Zealand´s tourism industry always performs a happy dance when they produce a new Tolkien movie. It really looks breathtaking.
And the music wasn´t that bad, either, and of course Martin Freeman as Bilbo was fantastic.
Probably the best thing about the whole movie was my husband being so excited he was talking about it for hours later instead of falling asleep :)

I´m now off to Ronnie´s Christmas performance in school. She´s playing a wild guy called Max, and I need to make her a purple Mohawk. I´d like to take pictures, but my camera batteries went into Mehmet´s Lightening McQueen... Maybe I get a friend to take pics :)

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