Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Very Christmassy.

There´s Christmas in our house!

On Saturday, we finally got our tree, and now, we´re using it, by sitting under it each night, and Tim reads The Hobbit for all of us, while the girls draw or do crosstitching, and I´m working on that purse I´m currently making, and the boys just listen. And that feels very much like Christmas. Sometimes, I think we must look like a model family from a 1950´s Christmas card... except for when the twins put on that akward Christmas parody song they found on youtube, and I get laughing flashes when Tim tickles me to the ground, and perhaps from all the sugar cookies :)
But yeah, it´s nice :) We even danced a jive to impress the kids.

Oh, and we recently sold waffles to raise money for our kindergarden:

...and you wouldn´t believe how much money people are willing to donate for fresh waffles, especially when being served by kindergardeners, especially on a sunny, snowy Saturday in the in the hardware store.
And speaking of snowy - it´s gotten a lot better with the snow. That´s a gigantic improvement to my mood!

Yeah, Miro devoured some, too. Of course.
And because I´m such a very well prepared housewife, I even wrapped most of the presents. So... we´re very ready for Christmas now.

In fact, we´re so prepared, that we decided to rescedule it on December 23rd. Nah, really.
We´re celebrating one day early this year, since we figured that
a) our grandparents are going to London on the 26th, so that gives us a day more with them, and
b) we like to go on our annual Christmas excursion, but almost everything is closed on December 24th - but open on the 23rd.
c) nobody knows when Jesus actually was born, but there´s a high chance it wasn´t that particular date, anyway.
and d) we don´t really believe in religion, but rather celebrate the darkest day of the year and the turning point of winter, and the fact that after that, everything gets sunnier and warmer again. So, yeah. Christmas or yule or whatever has been permanently resceduled in our house.

Right now, there´s a scoutsgroup of 10 kids in my kitchen baking cookies (and they´ve allready demolished my blender, but other than that, I think they are doing quite well.


Sure, I was thinking about adding a Christmas song to this post, but really... nah. Lately we were thinking maybe it´d be a great idea to put extra taxes on songs like "Driving Home for Christmas" or "Last Christmas"... to fund mental health facilities.
So it´s this gorgeous woman you get instead. See ya :)

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