Saturday, December 22, 2012

The day before Christmas...

...I delivered presents to my two best friends. Hugged them, drank tea with them talked books and marveled at my best friend´s amazing craftmanship.

...I poured Ronnie a bath in rosewater and wet to town with Eva, getting fluffy white dresses for both of my girls and enjoyed a Java Chocolate Ship Latte with my gorgeous eldest daughter at Starbucks.

...I got all the food for tomorrow´s festive meal.

... I came home to a husband who had not only cooked Saltimbocca with sage potatoes and Bernaise, but also shaved his head - completely bald - and looks quite cute in it.

...I helped Mehmet and Miro cook strawberry pudding with raspberries and mascarpone for tomorrow´s dessert.

...I sang wild Christmas songs with all my four kids and my husband under the tree and invented strange new lyrics.

...I read a chapter of "Daughter of smoke and bone" to my girls.

...I wrapped those last presents, cleaned the kitchen and set the table for tomorrow.

... I wrote a couple of lines at my book, and dreamed on the plot.

...I still don´t have batteries for my camera, since I gave them all to Mehmet for his Lightening McQueen, so I can´t show you any pics. 

...I listened to this song a fe hundred times while doing ll the above:

And now I´m wishing you all an amazing, stunningly happy Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, hoping you are filled with joy and surrounded by people who mean something to you, hoping you enjoy a good meal and receive presents that make you feel loved, wherever you are. Let the parties begin!

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