Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yoda and stuff.

I think he looks more like Bert, though. You know, the one from Ernie. Might be because my apple wasn´t wrinkly enough - or maybe just because I never really got my heart into the whole Starwars-fandom, so I didn´t get his face right.
But my boys have, their hearts in the Starwars fandom, that is, so they loved this, and immediatly began crashing a red apple in order to make him "Darth Maul" - whoever that is.

Our circus week is officially over. We had 4 big shows, Ronja rode her unicycle even more than usually, and we spent 4 hours in the puring rain getting that tent down last Saturday. I was fascinated again by the myriad of new skills you can aquire throughout your lifetime - never before did I stand on a 2 metre carriage on wheels, untying ropes. That was really cool.

Yes, I can sew - doesn´t mean I repair my son´s pants... um... yeah.
We went to a fleamarkt afterwards, and my sons enjoyed spending their cents on trashy plastic toys.
I enjoyed watching them, seeing how close they are, how they share everything and, almost, always agree on everything - they have a "girlfriend" which they currently share, they both cuddle and kiss her, and they intend to marry her both. I didn´t burst their bubble telling them this isn´t possible - because who knows, maybe it will be? And I really like their "girlfriend´s" mom, she´s cool. We agreed we wouldn´t mind being related.

Did I mention Mehmet vowed to never cut his hair again? Not sure why, but he did. As you can see.
And this is Mehmet making herbal salt - a cute, easy activity I´ll cover for sure, since all you need are salt crystals and various herbs and spices, then you make the kids mash them all and wrap them in a cute bag, and voila - you have, again, something handmade you can use or give away.
We´ve been eating noodles, potatoes, rice, meat and salad pimped with all the herbal salt my kids made all week long.
And just for good measure - I love Ronnie with a crossbow.  She´ll be going to a one-week fall academy next week - a program for kids who are specifically interested in science. Each school could only nominate two children, one girl and one boy, and the fact Ronja got chosen among 300 kids to represent our school of course pampers my mommie-pride into blissfull oblivion. Now she´ll be building sustainable ovens and work on nutrition experiments a whole week long.

Other than that, our weeks have been full, as usually. We´ve been making some nice things I´ll show you, soon, and we´re busy planning on where to go and what to do during our upcoming fallbreak - three days left to go, and we´re free for 2 weeks - well, except for Ronnie, of course. I still need to check up on all my couchsurfing friends, and I still need to answer my sweet friend´s email, and I also still need to fight with J.K. Rowlings new novel. Surprisingly, I like fall this year. You know, usually I hate "falling", I´d rather have summer all year long, but his year... I don´t even mind cycling through the rain.

As for music... I promise not to post another Tyler Ward song for at least... two weeks or so? But just this last one, because he finally put it on youube, so I can show you:

This is my very, very, very favourite song of the new album. I think I must have listened to it for more than a hundred times by now, and it still moves me. I can hardly wait to sing this in a crowd!

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What a nice post! Busy busy as usual! Your boys looks so handsome! xxxx