Thursday, September 27, 2012


Our school is a circus.
For one week, we´ve got a real circus tent on our school yard, and for one week, our kids practice artistic, jonglage, unicycling, magic, clownery... all that stuff.
 Little brothers get a try, too.

I admit there´s a lot of chaos, too, and I admit the weather could totally be better, but still, it´s a pretty cool project. 
And for insurance-reasons, the tent has to be watched 24/7.
So, we slept there, last night.

How was it, sleeping in a circus tent?
It was warmer than I expected - the lights that stayed on during the night were warm enough, we were allowed to sleep on the training mats, and Ronnie and I bundled up in our warmest sweaters, plus two sleeping bags for each of us.
It was very, very cozy, cuddling there, with my Ronnie.
You could hear the wind rustling in the tent, the breathing of the others,  the planes above and the traffic noise.
And I really enjoyed watching my middle child sleep, that was... very sweet.

I suppose in four years, when my boys reached that age, I´ll do it again :)

Music for today... I´m still fangirling over Tyler Ward´s new album :)

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