Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today, Tyler Ward finally put out his album, and hey, this deserves a special post on my blog!
The first Tyler Ward song I´ve ever heard was his "Live like we´re dying" cover. When I heard it, I was in a very "Live like we´re dying"-mood, and I had that song in my mind in a phase when... whatever.. The gist is, it became like a symbol for me.
I´ve continued following his music, and after I´ve first been to his concerts, I really got hooked. He´s okay on youtube, but he´s beyond stunning life - but I blogged about that, too.
So for this album, I actually shipped in to help funding it, and via twitter and youtube debated with strangers on different continents how I liked certain versions of the songs, and I really loved that it felt as if this album just evolved out of a joined internet project.
So today, the realease of this album makes me smile all over, and I´ve been playing it all day long - unless I was battling with Eva over the computer, since Taylor Swift also released her new single today. I wish I could just listen to "Dashes" all day long, seriously.
And I haven´t even checked into the new Mumford and Sons album...
So, musically, this is a day of great joy, and I´d love to listen to all those new songs simultaniously, memorize them all, and put them on the harddrive of my soul.
I continue doing that now, if you don´t mind :)

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Creatrish said...

Enjoy.....I will be silent!