Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What we´ve been up to.

Okay, last post I closed with telling you I wanted to write about all the fancy things we did, so, despite having proper pictures, here we go:

We went to a movie premiere on Saturday. I´ve never been to a movie premiere before, but Mehmet´s godfather and his sweet daughter (the two in the left corner of the poster) starred in a short movie about fathership and identityfinding, and I really loved it - the movie was awesome, and so were the movie-people. Best was having him and his daughter staying with us for the weekend.
 I like super giggly five year old girls, I so do!

We went to a small festival in our town, Tim´s party organized a huge Europe puzzle, which was lot´s of fun, too.
 Eva was especially enthusiastic because her favourite airbrush-tattoo artist was present, too, and I think she has a crush on him she really likes airbrush tattoos :)

Yeah, and speaking of political parties, Ronja got interviewed by the ministress of education last week - our school received - again - a fully deserved price for being super cool.
It was pretty hard getting a decent picture because of all the other photographers - I felt like on some big, newsworthy event.
I accompanied the kids and took care that nobody got lost, clapped my hands in appreciation and enjoyed the fantastic ecological food.
The price is for schools who feature various projects - social, ecological or intercultural, and it was quite interesting to see the other contestant´s tables:
I especially liked this well made from chicken wire, wooden dowels and playdoo, which I´m sure to copy at some point in the future with a group of kids.

So, that´s what we´ve been doing. There´s currently a big, gigantic circus project in Ronja´s school, Eva is constantly writing tests, the boys play football, and I feel like we´re all slowly tiring - it´s really time for fall break, I think.

It´s been so cold and stormy and rainy over here, and I love spending my nights cuddling up on the sofa, either reading Game of Thrones, or reading Clockwork Prince to my girls, or watching Camelot - I really like that cute little King Arthur :)

And as for music for today... there´s a second post coming tonight. Today is... sort of Christmas :)

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