Sunday, September 23, 2012


Okay, this post today is about something I actually wouldn´t advise 100%.

We made slime. Or, as my friend calls it, "Non-Newtonian-Fluid".
In fact, we only mixed cornstarch and water, until it had a funny cosistency, and yep, funny it is indeed.

It´s hard to describe, but quite interesting - when you smash on it, with a flat hand, it feels rock-hard, and your hand bounces off, but when you slowly place your hand into it, it will sink.
As soon as you put any pressure on it, you can almost knead it, and as soon as you let lose, it´s very fluid in your hands.
There are many funny videos on youtube about how this works, some people even fill pools with this stuff:

So, it´s super interesting and a sensual allround experience one should definetely try.
Except for... really makes a hell of a mess.
 At least when you do it with four kids.
But I´m guilty, too. However, I swept the floor 4 times now, and it still looks foggy at many places.

So, this was our cool experiment on Friday.
Tomorrow morning, I might tell you about how we went to a movie premiere, knowing two of the actors, how Ronja got interviewed by the ministress of education or how we´ll sleep in a circus tent on Wednesday. :)

Until then, let´s part with some weired music:

Tim, my husband, loathes this song. He can´t stand it, and whenever they play it on the radio (which is quite frequent at the moment), he shoots out of bed like a bolt and jumps into the shower.
I, on the other had, find myself loving it, despite myself. I find it´s got some deeper beauty and melancholy I can´t quite put my finger on, and I guess that´s just how it works with music.
I´d like to have a non-autotuned cover of this, though, preferably from Tyler Ward or Sam Tsui :)

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Anna said...

Love it! Have to try it! :) Looks like you had lots of fun!