Thursday, October 4, 2012

Veiled felted caplets

Aren´t those beautiful?
 Yeah, the girls, of course. But actually, I was talking about the veils ;)

And they are so, so simple to make.

We saw them on the market last week, with a price tag of 5 Euro:
 So I thought - hey, we can make this, too!
I had everything at home allready - there was still some unspun wool left, from this project, and I had heaps of organza from last year´s Christmas decoration.
If you don´t have such things - organza is really, really cheap. A metre is about 2 Euros. Wool for felting might be a little more complicated to come by - my preferred wool vendor is this one, but since it´s a local one, I suppose you find one closer to the place you live. Unless you live, well, here :)
 I just let my girls braid some wool...
 tossed the braids under the sewing machine, to form a circle...

and let them attach a piece of organza.
Eva did hers all by herself, for Ronnie, I helped, just a little.
And then we set out into the beautiful dusk, catching the day´s last rays of sun for a photosession. 
 Ronja - of course - wore hers to school. Need I mention that? 

We will need these, next year, for our fantasy fair - they are the first part of our costumes. And yes, I might be making one for me, too :)

You might allready know this song. Or, not.

I didn´t, but I immediatly loved it. If you like "music with roots", how my friend calls it, and if you like the folksy, joyfull style of Mumford and Sons, you might cherish this :)

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