Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photoediting for 5 year old boys.

Mehmet did this. Cool, huh?

My photos have been rather crappy lately.
That is because I am a poor photographer, and I can only take decent pictures when there is sufficient light, since I have no idea about camera settings whatsoever.

But - hallelujah! - there is photoediting. And though I usually prefer to work with Photoimpact (if I work at all), I recently discovered quite a nice alternative, for the case that you
a) don´t want to open that program and search for all your different digiscrap files, or
b) you just want your children or mother-in-law to have fun.

So - when I found Picmonkey, I knew it was something to get my kids into photoediting.
Here´s Eva, slightly more subtle:

This is the only picture of the collection that actually scares me - probably because she still looks so realistic.

And, of course, the ever-so-romantic-and-never-scary Miss Ronnie:

Picmonkey is super easy to use, very intuitive and lots of fun. Also, it´s free, unless you desperately want to use the extra gadgets.

Miro wasn´t interested in photoediting - he rather plays football. Which he´ll do today, just after I´ve dragged him into the library.

Music for today:

Oh, wow!!!
I really begin to dig this album. She sounds so much more mature than on her last albums, but at the same time, she´s still the Swiftie we love and know and delivers perfect quality. This song is fantastic, but so are all the other songs I found so far on her new album... she´s awesome, and makes me completely happy!

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Anonymous said...

Love it when kids take pictures and edit them they have so much more imagination than me and they don't follow any rules or Fashion!
Taylor Swift not sure but alexiane is singing along each time her song come on TV, That is every 30min! xxxx Creatrish