Monday, October 22, 2012


We like games.

We also like weird dressing up and fictional realms, and we don´t mind crowded places where you can cut the air.

This makes us and the "Spiel" a perfect match. The "Spiel" is Germany´s biggest Game and Comic Convention, and for the past 10 years, we went there, every year in October, and so we did yesterday.

It was really a good thing Mehmet and Miro loved it right from the start, and for the first time in their lives, didn´t get bored once - they finally just love it as much as the rest of us does. Probably it helped that the lady at the entrance handed them immense amounts of free StarWars collector cards :)

So we tried out immense numbers of games, from TableTop football... giant boxing... GuitarBots...

...and of course, we tried some traditional boardgames, too.
This one was from a small polish company, and the guy who explained everything to us was super eager and friendly and enthusiastic. It was a nice game, too. 

I always am especially fond of the costume corner...
and so were my kids.

They loved meeting the dressed up people - and you´ll find everything from Captain America to your standard medieval knight.

We had our lunch break outside in the parking lot...
...but the absolute top hit among the kids was the big StarWars corner...
...and especially...

the "real life" R2D2.
My sons still talk about how this was "the real actor" - in fact, it was moving and beeping, but they didn´t once realize that the long haired geeky-guy in the black Star Wars shirt was holding a remote control, although they folloed it through 2 halls. 

So we came home, late last night, our bags filled with goodies and freebies like free playdooh, free playmobil people, free card games and all the cool stuff they gave out for free short before closing time, and now we´ll go and play a little. 

And in the background, we´ll listen to
Of course. Of course!
Eva and I don´t have to fight no longer over the music playing in our house, we´re both happy with this! :)

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