Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Something new.

I tried some new things in the last week, which kept me from blogging.

Firstly, we had a crime dinner in our home. Meaning, we invited our best friends, gave them ridiculus roles, dressed up in bathrobes, nightgowns and my grandma´s original 1953 finery, cooked a delicious dinner and solved a criminal case - the public bedlam burned down, and we needed to catch the arsonist. We got the roles from a little booklet and weren´t allowed to read about each others roles, that was cool.
The whole enterprise certainly was fun, though the case was slightly too simple. Some of us surprised everybody with their amazing acting skills. Some of us didn´t really act. And I  - I´m such a poor actress.
But it was fun, non the less, and a friend of us is allready writing the next crime scene, so I´m definetely looking forward to that.

Also, another friend of mine convinced me to go to the gym.
I mean, seriously. I´m not lying. If you read this and happen to know me, (like you, Julia) now is the point to fall on the ground rolling with laughter. I hate sports (except from riding my bike), and never, ever do sports intentionally. Only, now I do. Three times a week I go to the gym and do lots of weightlifting. I now know of muscle groups I never knew I had, and I feel them. It feels good, surprisingly. It is, hands down, so much fun!
My friend and I, we each gave birth to four kids, and when we´re battling about who´s got the hotter biceps, yay, that´s so cool!
We´ve been doing this for 3 weeks now, and we feel like goddesses :)

Oh, and to even add one more new thing to broaden my horizon, we´ve been going to a tanning bed.
But shh, don´t tell. Because we´re seriously being ridicoulus.

But just in case you were wondering why I haven´t been blogging - that might be a reason. I´m trying to keep up with my usual 24/7 scedule, while going to the gym 6 hours a week.

And my usual scedule contains throwing Halloween parties with 12 kids,
facepainting a whole kindergarten,
opening the library, several reading sessions, this time containing a harp, a cello, a violin, a mandolin and a djembe which I all carried 20 kilometres with my biketrailer, preparing Ronnies birthday party, oh, and making an R2D2 out of our salad dish.

Also, we´ve been doing some experiments about hot air...

...by letting a plastic bag fly really, really high:
...and we´ve also been playing around with electricity (now, doesn´t that sound lovely?), by builing homopolar motors - there are pretty cool videos on youtube about how to do that.
 When I made a lightbulb light up, Ronja looked at me as if I had magic powers.

And we spent about a whole day on making little people from Hama beads by using embroidery patterns:
Those are Lennard, Penny and Sheldon, just in case you don´t know them. And of course we also made a lot of Potter/Starwars people. Hooray for pinterest :)

Oh, and I signed the twins in for school next year, and Miro got glasses, and we filled out the application for Eva´s school exchange to France, and there was a lot of football playing and reading. And I worked quite a great deal on organizing a farewell party for our about-to-be-retired kindergarten-teacher.

So, if you have been wondering where I hid, now you know. I´ve just been quite alive.
And now I´m hopping on my bike, teaching my ten library kids how to bind books, then ride my sons to their football training and then host a group of scouts in my living room. Just the usual Tuseday :)

Music? Man, there´s so much music. But instead of posting some Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Tyler Ward video (which I´m highly tempted to do!), I just post this gem:

Now, doesn´t this overplayed, old classic song rock, when performed by Simon Neill? My only concern is his shirt - I think this November is unseasonably warm, he could easily take it off :)

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