Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That room makeover.

I still wanted to show you Ronja´s new room.
Now, I´m really sorry I didn´t take any "before" pics. It´s just that I´d have been too embaressed.
See, not only is Ronja the most chaotic person of our family (and that really does mean something!), but we also granted her the freedom to chose the decor of her old room all by herself when we moved here, plus, we had little money to spend.
So, in a really tiny room, she had a super cheesy picture wallpaper sporting a waterfall (yeah, like those you´d see in a dentist´s waiting room), a sky blue ceiling with the obligatory glow-in-the-dark stars, and a thick ugly dark blue carpet, very cheap, which she called "her river."
Add to this a huge collection of furniture from the waste, stickers on the wall, smears of splatterd glue and slime on the carpet, grass seeds all over the floor, and far too much clutter... well, yeah. Plus, Mehmet and Miro had begun to peel at the wallpaper, so the whole room was simply beyond anything. It was dark, and crowded, and cluttered. She didn´t even like it herself anymore.


Ronja went to visit her grandparents, from Tuesday to Friday.
I spent the Tuesday carrying out all her furniture, ripping off that dreadfull tapestry.

I spent Wednesday shopping paint, and painting her room.

I´m not mentioning I dropped a bucket full of paint on the street in the brave attempt of carrying it home on my bike, splattering not only the street, but also angry passengers whose pants I now have to dry-clean, and my shoes and dress... but well, a woman has her pride. I painted that whole room on the same day, then ripped out the carpet.
I had help.
Eva calls the color of the walls "Troll booger yellow", while Ronja says it´s "the color of the first fresh leaves in spring"... see how different perception can be?

On Thursday, I went back to the store, to get a cheap, indestructable, easy cleanable floor. This time, I didn´t attempt carrying the roll of 4x5 metres laminate floor home on my bike... a woman has her pride, but a woman also has some reason. A little.

I rolled it out, and put a small fraction of her furniture back in. Only those she´d really need. Which is...
...her owl collection and her bookshelf. Ronja rarely ever plays with toys. She plays outside, or in the kitchen, but when we give her toys, she likes to look at them, but never really showed interest in them.

Oh, and her bed, of course...
...and I even found some Kokeshistickers to go nicely with the Trollbooger/Springleaf color.

And on Friday, I got her back and had her enjoy her new room :)
She´s now very carefull about keeping it clean and tidy, and shows it too everybody... it´s the most organized room in the whole house, I think. We´ll see how long it stays that way, but for now, I´m quite happy with it, and so is she.

So, that was also part of the reason for my absensce last week, but see? Here I am again.
Song for the day:

We´d like season 3 to begin right now, pretty please!

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Creatrish said...

I've been busy!I really like the "color of the first fresh leaves in spring" Its really....I will say Fresh! I bet your bike is this lovely fresh color now! xxxxx