Friday, August 24, 2012

Simple, soft fabric dolls.

That´s what we made today.

And really, this post is just a quickie, because it´s quite self-explanatory how we made these - it´s merely to inspire you to get your kids sewing- (and, of course, to show off our cool new puppets ;) )

First, I let my sons (they are 5) draw a puppet on a sheet of paper - I told them not to make any part too thin, and that their puppets should, roughly, resemble a gingerbreadman. They did.
Then I had them cut out their shapes from paper, and then from skin colored jersey scraps. I had those lying around, because I´m currently working on two Jace and Clary dolls - but that´s a whole nother story, and so far, they´re not at all turning out how I desire.

Umm... sorry. I´m wandering off track.

Mehmet and Miro cut them, then, with my help, sewed the straight lines in the legs and arms, turned them inside out, filled them with wool, and then colored them with sharpies.

My sons really enjoyed being able to participate so much, especially Miro, who urged me for quite a while now to sew with him.

The dolls are called Miro and Fred (after Fred Weasley, who Mehmet adores...and pssst, poor guy is only on book 2, so he doesn´t now the tragic outcome yet...), so, Fred´s the one with the red hair.
And they are heavily being heavily used, now:
Fred is wearing a black cloak on that pic, of course.

My music for today is really sweet, and if you feel like you´d enjoy watching a sun-tanned, lean blond guy, with super guitar and surfing skills, you might love this video:

And really, I do also listen to Kim Churchill because I love his music. So summery and light and cheerfull. Him looking like a super hot fictional character is just a welcome extra-bonus :)


Creatrish said...

Zut I've got no sound on my computer, don't know why! I just have to imagine is voice until it works again! Love your little dolls its very clever! xxx

creativejewishmom/sara said...

love these little dolls, perfect project! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

Lissa said...

Love your site. Do you have a regular e mail mailing list