Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shells, Sticks, Leaves.

We made this piece of art today, to go into our guest bathroom.
Well, I admit that my intention wasn´t exactly to create more art. My intention was to keep my three little ones busy, so I could read my book.
I still had one of those plaster sets left, the ones you use for molding little hands or feet. They´d been on sale, for two Euros, a couple of months ago, and it had sat in my craft board for quite a while.

So, I sent Ronja, Mehmet and Miro out to find some treasures. It took them an hour or so, until they came back with this:

They had also found this huge piece of bark (including lots of ants) which they used as a tray, to carry their raid home, and of course, various sticks, to use for swords or wands or whatever.
Want a close-up?

Nice, huh? They even found a dead, dried up worm. Cool!

So, all we had left to do was mixing up the plaster in an old yogurt bucket...
...then pour it into the mold...
...then spread it, evenly, and press in all the treasures. Voila - instant decoration, plus a mum that finally finished that really stupid second volume of Shades of Grey - and no, I´m not gonna get the third one. Though, at some parts, it got me really laughing out loud - unintentionally.

Anyway - my music for today is...

Did I mention I´m gonna see this guy live, in...little less than 48 hours? YAY!
And I´ve always loved Empire Stat of Mind, I usually hardly ever listen to rap, but this one, I even adored in the original version. Ed Sheerans version, however, is just so different, so much sweeter and softer that it almost contradicts the song meaning, especially with that British accent... and I love it :)

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