Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Last night, I went to see Ed Sheeran.

I knew it was risky going to a concert on a weekday night, with school the next day, but come on: The man wrote about 50 percent of my last years´ playlist, and I don´t even like A-team, so...

...who needs sleep, when there´s an incredibly loud concert, with thousands of screaming teenagers (and yes, it was a lot louder than on a Tyler Ward concert...), sweating in a stuffed tent and the unbelievable Mr. Sheeran? Huh?

I got lucky - he played all my favourite songs and even skipped the A-team song. He played my very, very favourite - that would be Give me love - right in the beginning, but I got them all - Homeless and Kiss me and Wayfairing Stranger. We even got an exclusive performance of a Snow Patrol Chasing Cars cover.

He is one of the most professional, skilled musicians I´ve seen so far - he´s all alone on stage, no band, nothing, just him, his guitar and his loop machine, and he does amazing things with that, he really captures the audience. I´d have loved to see him in a smaller venue, though - it´s a shame his brilliant music is being drowned out by all the screaming and bra-throwing.
Not that I couldn´t totally see the sense behind that - I remember screaming my lungs out at Take That, and, hey, I still scream my lungs out when it comes to Tyler Ward... but girls - this is ED SHEERAN! And even though he looks kinda cute, his music is, yes, I´m sorry to say that, but miles better than on a Take That concert. Listen to it! Seriously. Every single note is spot on, his harmonies are brilliant, and his lyrics are witty and funny, and his rapping skills blew my hat off. And I think it´s rare to get a chance to see a performance of such high quality.

That also made it worth coming to bed at 3 in the morning - I did get an early train, but the train got stuck, and I sat there for more than 2 hours. Yay! At least I had my Game of Thrones book in my purse and finished it - oh, poor Jaime Lannister ;)
That made me miss my first Turkish lesson this morning, which should have been at 8 in the morning - I hope my teacher Esra isn´t too angry with me? I´ll make up to it, promised :)

Ahem. Sorry.

So - music for today, before I go´n catch some sleep:

Love love love this! The light show he had to this was stunning. Simple, but really breathtaking. He played this as the first encore, and it was so loud and vibrating and pulsing - really sweaty ecstatic.

And while I´m at it -

Oh, those lyrics, and that rythm... may I quote:
"Tell me if you have a toothbrush you don´t mind sharing - she said I wanna take off what you´re wearing"
Man, this is so, so hot :)

And though I dragged myself through most of the day and have to cough all day because I smoked to much - there´s nothing that can top a great concert.

October 16th I´m gonna see Tyler Ward, and I can hardly wait :)


Creatrish said...

Maybe it,s because i m not a musician but I don't like Ed but i don't dislike either I have a weird feeling about him really! Turkish lessons wow are u planning to go to Turkey soon???
I went to Lyon few days ago and I saw that famous library with a porch made of books! Didnt have time to go inside as i would have miss my train but it seems very modern so i m a little bit disappointed , I need to go back really! xxxx Love your kids masterpiece for post below!

HelenClyde said...

Sometimes it´s just that way - everybody tells me Ron Pope is terrific, but I just can´t stand his voice, for whatever reason :)

Nah, we´re not going to Turkey in the near future, or at least we haven´t planned anything yet.
But Mehmet is a Turkish name, and his godfather is turkish, too, and so are many of the mommies in kindergarten. There are quite a few turkish people in Germany, and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to jump into a new language... mais peut-etre il faut que j´apprendre le francais premierement?