Monday, August 20, 2012

Breaking the fast.

The blogging fast, that is. So, take a blueberry muffin...

...or, if you prefer, maybe a slice of freshly baked bread from our Norwegian guests,
and join us.

It´s pretty sunny over here. Sunny, and so hot that my laundry dries in 20 minutes, which is awesome, since we never owned a dryer.

Most of the time, we spend at the lake though.

And in between, we read, or do some crafts which I´ll show you soon, or read, or make over Ronjas complete room, or read, or ride horses, or read, or go to the open air cinema at night, or read.
I finished reading the Mortal Instruments to my girls, and I just begin to discover Neil Gaiman, who seems to be terriffic.
Also, I´ve read 50 Shades, oh my. Only the first one, but I admit I´ll get the sequels, too. It has about as much plot as Twilight (not that that ever bothered me...), it also has a strange female and an opressive male protagonist, but other than that, hell yeah, it´s totally different than Twilight, where you had to wait around 1000 pages for a first kiss. So, if you´re into that kind of stuff, go ahead. This is a recommendation.

So, yeah, I´m back, from my blogging break, which I think I´ll make an institution - two weeks in August for family life and reading strange books, that seems like a good idea.
And I even have a song for the day:

I´m sure you´ve listened to the new Mumford song, have you? Man, what´s he doing to that banjo?
I´m not sure about the lyrics, but this song is so much fun!

See you, guys - and it won´t be that long, I promise :)

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