Monday, August 13, 2012

From Idris to Hogwarts to Winterfell to London Below.

Just so you know why I´m not posting anything:
I´m busy. Busy visiting Alicante in Idris together with my girls, taking my sons to their first year in Hogwarts and spending the nights in Winterfell, Westeros with my husband. And from time to time I check into London below.

Around the dinner table, we have conversations like "Do you think the Dursley´s would have liked Harry better if he´d been a Muggle?" (Miro) or
"Why can´t Clary just cut the rune off of Jace? Wouldn´t that break the blood magic?" (Ronja) and
"If the Khaleesi became Queen of Westeros, do you think her dragon babies will inherit the throne after her death?" (Me)
So, there are very important matters on my mind.

Besides, I consider this particular time of the year an excellent time to abstain from blogging.
Might see you in a while, though :)

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