Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walking on sunshine...

...well... sometimes.
My England greets me with fog and rain, pretty much every morning, and it takes, on some days, until noon, to clear up.
Not that we´d mind.
 We take long, long walks, everyday, most of the days.
We walk along the beach, or over public footpaths (which basically means you can cross a fields, or find your way through the bushes), or we walk along the coastal path. The girls walk like grown-ups, and the boys complain amazingly little - and if they start complaining, either Tim or I bring out a fairy tale, and that keeps them walking.
Sometimes we find critters (today we had a snake, falling from a rock, and crawling into Tim´s bag), and we found a cancer, too:
 And Trish - I think it was this castle you visited?
I wish I had gotten a better photo - but we went there in the morning, so, foggy it is... And yes, I´ve known it for quite a while. Have you also been to the pendant on the other side, Mont St. Michel?

Oh, and of course, sometimes it clears up, and then...´s even more gorgeous here.
Oh, and in the evening, there are fiddlers playing in the local pub:
Tim is pushing me to join him outside, watching the bats now, while all the kids sleep soundly in their beds.
So... I think I´ll blog one more time, tomorrow, and then we´re leaving again, and I´m not sure about the internet access on Chagstone festival... but you´ll hear from me :)

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Creatrish said...

Thank you for the photo it's really nice, just bring back some memories! I don't remember being on the other side. The sea looks so beautiful! I m so impressed with yours kids walking so much I don't even know if I could! Have a great evening! hope to hear from you at the festival! xxx