Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Festival lights - Lafrowda

My Cornwall bid me farewell with the most beautiful sunshine during the last couple of days. No more fog, only blazing, hot, summer sun, shiny, friendly people and the perfect beachweather.
And to the beach we went:

If you ever happen to go there - to Cornwall - the most beautiful beaches are in Sennen, and Porthcurno,
and St. Ives.
St.Ives is so picture-perfect it´s almost surreal - it looks like the spitting image of a cute, small fishermen´s village at the coast.

I like it, but I like my rough, wild, not-so-clean Penzance even more.

And I think I really fell in love with tiny St. Just.

On our last night, the people of St. Just celebrated their Lafrowda festival. It´s a small communiy festival, where local artists perform and offer workshops and show their art. I hadn´t known they celebrated it during our stay, but it was, for sure, a beautiful coincidence.
And I adored how beautiful the people were - little children running around playing hide and chase in their pyjamas until midnight, women and men dancing on the streets, drunken men staggering around, and people treat each other with a gentle friendliness, and if a bottle shatters on the ground, somebody goes into a house and comes back with a broom, to qickly sweep up everything.
I talked to several people, and many of them weren´t actually born in that area, but moved there. There´s very little infrastructure, and they all say that it´s cold and dark and depressing during winter, but... but during summer, they all come out, and go crazy for the sun and the light and the summer.
I think I´d like to live there. One day. When I´m old. I really do.

However, time has come, and for now, I have to close the door.

We packed our backs, and I´ll show you where we went next... soon.

But before that, I give you a little taste of what Lafrowda sounds like:

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