Thursday, July 26, 2012

Festival lights: Chagstock

In Devon, roughly three hours on the train from Cornwall, close to a little village called Chagford, there´s a cute, family friendly folk music festival. It´s situated between some fields, and in the morning, you get bacon and egg from the local farm.

Some months ago, when I really got into listening to Seth Lakeman´s music, I checked whether he was touring anywhere in Germany, only to find out I had just missed his tour - but that he was about to play this gig on Chagstock Festival. Since I knew we were going to be in the area, I got us some tickets, which was good - it was completely sold out. But: We had our tickets :)

And it was sweet.

 A huge field, full of happy people of all ages - from the mother driving her child around in a barrow to the elderly lady who looks about 80, fiddle and mando in the background, hot summer sun, a chocolate lady selling her own homemade chocolate balls, people in amazing costumes, a spa tub for everyone to share, a child play area with lots of cool crafts,
the typical hippie-ethno vendors you usually find on festivals, a ropeskipping team and a bubble-wand lady and lots of good food, free camping on the fields, oh, and of course (we´re talking about a music festival here, guys...) no showers.

Oh, I love music festivals. And so did my girls. I think I really got them into it, they keep telling me how amazing it was, how amazing the people and the atmosphere were, and when the next festival might be.
Well, I don´t know...
But at least, Eva and I managed to get to the first row to see Seth Lakeman,
and he was fantastic!


Here´s my video :)
I only got "More than money", not my favorites, which would be "Race to be king" and "Lady of the Sea" - during those, I had to DANCE :)

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Creatrish said...

Looks and sound soooooooooooo good! Love that kind of stuff! bonne continuation xxxx