Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cape and The Coast - Day 4

Today we walked to...

Alltogether, we walked for about 8 hours, starting in the early morning, over fields and muddy paths and narrow roads, hemmed with hedges or overgrown stonewalls.

Farmes sell their goods every few miles, and we got fresh eggs and raspberries to snack on.
 And they have cows here, loads of them, and they´re all brown. Sometimes, we share the path with them, and they come, curiously sniffing my kid´s shirts. 

We came through St. Just, which is a tiny, tiny village about 10 miles from Penzance.
I used to stay there with my family for one summer, and in my book, I made it the place where the evil, murderous farmer lives. In the sunshine, it didn´t really look evil at all, though.
 The flag on the church? That´s the cornish flag. And see the banner hanging ´round the houses?

Apparently, the people of St. Just are preparing themselves for a small town festival, and there´s a handmade banner from colorful fabricscraps hanging all around the village.
All. Around. The village. I was highly impressed by the craftmenship of my sisters and brothers over here!

And we had icecream. With big, fat, chocolate "flakes" - that´s how they have icecream in here in Cornwall.

Eventually, our error-like journey led us to the Coastal Path. Which leads, with a stunning, breathtaking view, along the coast (of course), to Cape Cornwall. It looks like this:
It´s beautiful, out there. And in between the cliffs, you can swim. They even made something like a small bassin. My folks loved to balance on the border:
The boys liked to run into the waves, check out who dares going the farthest.
And Ronja climbed all the rocks:
Cornwall is the most beautiful place on the earth. Just sayin´ :)

Right now, we´re kind of watching "The Bourne Identity" on DVD, but it´s so boring I decided to blog, so I wouldn´t fall asleep. Our kids are all, finally asleep in their cots, and I feel pleaseantly suburned and full from the nice meal I cooked on the gas oven in our trailer. It started to rain outside, it´s fascinating how quickly the weather changes over here, and our trailer is slightly trembling from the wind.

I don´t know what we´re doing tomorrow, but I´ll post it here - whether you actually read it or not, I like how this turns into my travel log.

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Creatrish said...

Ooh my god this small bassin look familiar! I m not 100% sure but I have photos with same large rock , rectangles rocks and the jetty! 8 hours walking WOW this is impressive! Love the banners its great! It must be so nice to be able to show your family all the nice places that you ve been before! Have a great day tomorrow!