Thursday, July 12, 2012

London, Day 1

This morning, we left really early in Cologne, with our backpacks, and tents, and sleeping bags. The stuff you see on the pic, that´s all our luggage for the next three weeks or so. Well, we can wash.

Then we spent a long, long day on the train, crossing the channel via Eurostar, until we arrived in London.

At King´s Cross.
 Unfortunately, we didn´t manage to reach platform 9 3/4. Well, we´re just Muggles, after all. 

We took the bus to my brother-in-law´s house, crossing the Thames...

...then all jumped in the garden...

...and had coffee, from this awesome mug my sister-in-law apparently owns...

...and got the kids from school.

So now, as I´m typing this, I´m really, really tired, and I need to read my girls a bedtime story, and them I´m going to sleep myself. It´s raining outside, not that I´m not used to that from Germany, but it also feels quite cold over here. But well, that´s just what you´d typically expect from Britain, right? Let´s see what we´re seeing from London tomorrow - as long as I´m here in London, I still have internet-access. :)

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Creatrish said...

HEY first news from your trip! You look good with your backpack! Are you going to go to "Harry Potter set tour"? Have a great day! I really hope that the weather will get better!(you should have backpack in the south of France LOL! car le soleil est la!)