Monday, July 9, 2012

I should really pack our bags.


I´m staying up late, talking to a real Scotsmen (and by real, I mean crazy scottish-real) about the independence of Scotland, listening to him playing the bagpipes in our garden.
With the neighbours applauding and wishing for an encore from their windows, so, that was a surprise. He was really good, though. The encore then was given by all members of our family, and it was very nice of our guest to allow all of us to play his instrument - but wow, the bagpipes are so hard to play - feels like fainting, when you try to blow those up!

Also, we had quite a huge gathering this weekend - it´s pretty cool having meals with 10 people around one table. I love that.
Some of our eldest friends came to visit us - Mehmet´s godfather, and Ronnie´s godfather with his family, and we ate outside in the garden, got out a waterslide...

...and then we took them on an extended bike trip to show them the most beautiful places of our town.

Like this garden.

Or this swing.

Or the little creek, where Tim and one of our eldest friends had a proper water fight.

So yeah, this weekend was sunshine and water and loads and loads of food, and communication and bagpipes. And in less than 48 hours we need to board the train to London, and we haven´t packed anything yet, but, yeah... whatever.
We´re still...

So, music for today?
I´d love to give you the bagpipe video, but it takes so long to upload it on youtube. I promise to give it to you, though, but for today...

I go with racoon, a band from practically next door - the Netherlands - who make awesome music. I particulary love the lyrics of this song. 

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Creatrish said...

Have a lot of fun in UK! If you can keep us posted on few things! Bon voyage!