Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drinkingstraw critters

We recently got these from our Taiwanese guests, so I can´t take credit for coming up with this idea, but I found it just too genius not to share it.

When they arrived, they surprised each of our kids with one of those - little insects, worms and dragons made from, yes, drinking straws. A friends of theirs makes these - out of nothing but colorfull plastic straws, wires, and permanent marker, just by artistically cutting the plastic material open and pushing the different sections into another.

I´m not sure I could replicate these, but I love the idea, and with Sara´s International crafting party in mind, I thought I couldn´t keep them to myself, especially since they are a lot cooler than any craft I could come up with.

My favourite one is this one, because it can even move.

Click on the video below, to see it in action:

I´ll never look at drinking straws in the same way again :)

Music for today:

The incredibly, piano-smashing Gavin Mikhail. Enjoy :)

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Michelle L. said...

Amazing - the action video is wonderful!