Thursday, July 5, 2012


We cut Miros hair, and we love it.
Mehmet says he never wants to cut his hair for the rest of his life, so I let him grow it our. I mean, I have a son who is a vegetarian who refuses to cut his hair and says he wants to become a farmer at the age of 5 - I think that´s pretty neat. This is now officially the first time my twins sport a different hairstyle.
Miro likes the gel, plus, since his hair is shorter now, he finally dares to wear his pink-dotted smurf-socks in kindergarten, without fearing to be called names. And now they´re all outside, building a fort from old boards, and I need to sort some laundry.


I´ve just been scanning my old favourites - and "I´d rather be a comma than a full stop" certainly is one.
I believe as soon as you are a mom, you´re a comma, anyway :)

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