Friday, July 13, 2012

London, Day 2

So we did all the touristy things today - is that a word? Touristy? Well, you know what I mean.

We started off at Tower Bridge...

...and then walked a while along the Thames. We love the cheap busses here, get an oyster card and thy´ll show you all the sights, plus, the twins are super happy sitting in the second story.

They also really loved the Beefeaters.
Miro spent his pocket money on a plastic sword, which he used for marching (yeah. We´re such a pacifist family...)
We walked to Trafalgar Square, where we ran around a little and chased doves - well, not all of us, exactly...
...and when we all got hungry, we found a sweet, sweet little cafe, in a narrow sidestreet really close to Trafalgar Sqare, where they sell all you can eat for 4.70, and it tastes really, really awesome.

Avocado-Bacon salad and chicken curry and jacked potatoes with cheddar cheese and lasagne. I know I´ll dream about this for years to come :)
Oh, and after Tim and the boys went back home, I took the girls to Madame Tusseaud´s.
Extremely expensive, and, in my eyes, also extremely useless, but Eva wanted this for quite some time, so...

There was no Taylor Swift, though. She still liked it, and took Brangelina and Lady Gaga instead.
Ronja, meanwhile, queued up to pose as...
 Barrack Obama´s secretary. I bet she wouldn´t fit the dresscode :)

We´re taking the train really early tomorrow morning, heading south. All my family lies around me, snoring, in this tiny room in the tiny, cozy house of Tim´s brother´s family. I don´t know when I´ll have internet again, but I´ll see if I can catch some sleep :)

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