Saturday, June 23, 2012

Me´ n my boys.

The girls are on their scouts camp, Tim´s on a birthday party, so it´s just me, and my boys.
And actually... That´s really sweet! I don´t even feel excluded from their twin world, which I usually do.

I took them for a fancy breakfast yesterday morning, (all you can eat, and man, it was really worth those 4 Euros for all my boys ate...), and then we took the train to see Tim´s parents.
I kept them entertained by telling them Bible stories (them = the boys, not Tim´s parents), since they really like those at the moment, and by singing to them and tickling them, and then we went to the Zoo.
Tim´s dad has a new fancy camera, which he lent me. Oh, now I want a fancy camera, too! It was so much fun trying to do close-ups of all the animals, though I´m really not so much into animals, but I definetely like taking photos.
The boys were allowed to feed the elephants...
And they have an awesome playground, too.
And then, after a nice slice of grandmas strawberry cake with cream, and some cuddling, there was a little splashing in grandpa´s pool:

Now I have exhausted, happy sons, sleeping in my bed upstairs to cuddle with me when I get there, and I´m just typing this post on my parents-in-law´s sofa, while we watch the match Spain/France, and I´d like France to win just because the Spanish always win, but other than that, this is a mighty fine weekend where I can connect lots to my sons, and my parents in law.
I´ll be taking them to a big, big playground tomorrow again, then hope they´ll sleep on the train, and then, in the afternoon, we´ll be reunited with the rest of our folks again.
We did some cute craft projects, I´ll show you :)

The lovely Lisa Hannigan :)

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Creatrish said...

This sound like a very nice weekend! (live now Oooooh no Italy just won the match too bad) - Your boys must be so happy to only be with their mum too :-)