Tuesday, June 26, 2012

From my kitchen to yours.

I love my kitchen. I think I mentioned that?
So here are a few, totally unrelated, but all kitchen related things: (and keep reading, because you´re going to get a live performance in my kitchen, too;)

My sons got into helping me. When I came home today, they had swept the floor. Or, as you can see, last week, they washed the windows for me. It´s not that the windows, or the floor, would actually be clean afterwards. But they are so full of soap I have no excuse not to clean them, immediatly, so, in the end, it really helps, right? Plus, it gives them some training.

This is Eva making dinner. Mac´n Cheese. Or, Käsespätzle, as we´d say. And doesn´t she look cute with her new glasses? She´s not quite convinced yet, but since she wasn´t ble to read our big, fat dining room clock from a distance of 3 metres, we thought she´d better get one. She got some awesome reactions, even the really weird guy in her school, who likes to pick on anybody, told her she looks cute with it. That did certainly help ;)

Ronja tie-dyed some clothes for her godfather´s baby. And I tie-dyed an old pregnancy skirt of mine, and altered it a little, and it now looks really cool. I still need to take a pic of it, though.
This is Malayan food. Azra, who recently was here, showed me how to make cucur, and I added some peanut-chicken sticks, and veggies. Very nice :)
By the way, it´s quite a fine idea to wrap wraps (now, that sounds silly...) in paper cups - it keeps the filling from falling out, keeps the hands clean, can be labelled and looks very proffessional. Those were for my scouts.

Also happening in my kitchen:
 Sanding wood. Well, actually, right now, my sons are making a castle, but this was something else...
This was an attempt to recreate...
Our kitchen!
Now, this is cool, right?
It was a project of joined forces: Ronja and Eva did the glueing of the walls, Mehmet and Miro painted and sanded the walls, drew the "window" (on the left), Ronja and Miro made the table, Mehmet and I made the tablecloth, I made the two little black chairs, and we all cut triangles for the bunting banner.

So here´s the live performance:

Please, please ignore my silly fangirling in the beginning - but what else am I supposed to do, when I get a personally dedicated performance just for me? (By the way, those were the two guys who surfed our couch last week, as you might have guessed. And I sincerely hope they´ll record their songs, some day, properly. I´ll buy them.)

And finally, just because I can´t stop myself, the music that´s playing in my kitchen right now:

Oh, how I love Mr. Mraz´s soft and gentle music, and his to-the-point lyrics, and the vibe swinging in all of his songs. Every song he ever writes draws pictures, writes stories, and they´re so gorgeous. 

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Creatrish said...

Oooh love the "mini bunting banner" ! My kitchen still a mess, dont have enought space for all our stuff it's piling up on the worktop!(-: and I dont speak about my craft stuff and all sort , I m going to buy an old wardrobe and painting it like your show once with lots of colors (russian type I think it was)! Lucky you to have a performance just for you for a good looking guy with a very nice voice! Really need to do surfcouching too ;-)